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The revised regulations approved by the governor-appointed California Occupational Safety & Health Standards Board come after weeks of confusion. The rules adopted in a 5-1 vote now conform with general state guidelines that took effect Tuesday by ending most mask rules for vaccinated people. Gov. Gavin Newsom immediately issued an executive order waiving the usual 10-day legal review. The new rules will take effect as soon as they are filed with the secretary of state. “I have a draft executive order ready to go immediately after they vote to make clarifications public and to provide more certainty,” Newsom said. The rules apply in almost every workplace in the state, including offices, factories and retailers. They are intended to ensure that workers are protected while businesses resume normal or near-normal activity, Eric Berg, deputy chief of research and standards for California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health, known as Cal/OSHA, told the board. Business groups had sought the changes, arguing that rules for businesses should conform with state guidelines patterned after the latest federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations. Board member Laura Stock, an occupational safety expert who cast the lone opposition vote, said that even though people are tired of restrictions, the pandemic is not over. “This has real consequences that people can get sick and die due to exposure in the workplace," Stock said. She said the rules go too far by eliminating physical distancing and workplace partitions and allowing workers to self-report their vaccination status. Mitch Steiger, a legislative advocate for the California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO, similarly objected that the measures “essentially pretend that the pandemic is over.” David Thomas, the board's chair, thanked who spoke in support or opposition to the rules and acknowledged that coming with up with latest iteration of the guidelines has not been easy. "I do appreciate the time and concern and hours we’ve spent in these meetings to get to this conclusion, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank you guys, it’s a lot of work, and a lot of responsibility," said Thomas. The move comes after the board did a double-twisting backflip in recent weeks when it first postponed, then rejected, then adopted, then rescinded rules that would have allowed workers to forgo masks only if every employee in a room was fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. Fully vaccinated employees will not need to wear masks, except in locations like mass transit and classrooms, where they are required for everyone, or in the event of outbreaks. Physical distancing also will end except for certain workers during major outbreaks. Vaccinated employees won’t need to be tested or quarantine unless they show symptoms, even if they have close contact with an infected person. Employers must document that workers who skip masks indoors are indeed fully vaccinated. But employers have the choice of requiring workers to show proof of vaccination or allowing employees to self-report their status, with the employer keeping a record of who does the latter. They also could decide to require everyone to remain masked — vaccinated or not.

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“What do accounting employees think about their employers? Does job satisfaction relate to the quality of the firm’s audits? What about work-life balance? To address those questions, they retrieved company reviews from the jobs site and examined 19,673 employee reviews of 137 accounting firms. The reviews provided data on employee satisfaction across many different aspects of the workplace, including compensation, career opportunities and work-life balance. They then used that data to compute employee rating scores for each accounting firm for each year. They then matched each firm with its clients for the relevant year and looked at each client’s outcomes. This allowed the researchers to establish the quality of each firm’s audits in the given year. The researchers used computational models to account for extraneous variables, and ultimately found that “career opportunities,” “senior management,” and “culture and values” were the workplace aspects most closely associated with employee satisfaction. Surprisingly, “compensation and benefits” and “work-life balance” were least associated with satisfaction. However, the researchers also found that job satisfaction was not associated with audit quality. “Instead, we found that work-life balance was associated with high quality audits,” said Khavis. “Our interpretation is that many of the people reviewing employers online were young folks coming right out of college, and they attach more importance to career opportunities and so on, compared to work-life balance,” said Krishnan. “But being overworked affects overall audit quality. Most people understand that when you are overworked, you are more likely to make mistakes. Job satisfaction can’t make up for that. For accounting firms, it drives home that recruiting and retaining good personnel isn’t enough.
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