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Please consider making a financial contribution to support local journalism.​ Libraries have an innate ability to be about everything. The Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system truly accommodates every topic, even those that are, as of yet, undiscovered.  Consider that this classification system, developed in about 1872, accommodates subjects such as computers, internet, DNA, and moon landings. Truly a system built to include the unknown.  One might call the system malleable, adaptable, flexible and ready for the future. To be sure, there are other classification systems such as Cutter numbers, Library of Congress classification, and SuDocs, to name a few commonly used.  Regardless of which classification system is used, the ability for the system to expand to cover you could try here the unknown is a constant. Thus, libraries are truly about everything known and unknown.     Libraries continuously demonstrate the ability to adapt to change. One might consider libraries, early adaptors. The librarians and other library staff identify and drive that adaptability.   Being aware of changes, advances in technology, patron requests, and new formats drive library staff to move forward and provide access to new materials and resources. For many communities, libraries provided the first access to computers and the internet. Robots, 3D printers, and space to create and make are part of what libraries offer the public. How content is delivered is never stagnant.  Librarians are dedicated to keeping up with evolving formats. Music, movies and audiobooks made their way into people’s homes via the library.  Electronic books, and downloadable e-books, once a luxury, are commonplace.  Rest assured that print books, a highly functional and reliable format, seem to be here to stay.   During the past year, Fergus Falls Public Library staff members have again reinvented library programs, services and service delivery, creating more dynamic and flexible offerings.  The saying, “necessity is the mother of invention,” certainly proved itself this past year.  Curbside or no contact pickup has become a mainstay of material delivery at the Fergus Falls Public Library.  I mostly wonder why we didn’t think of this before, especially in Minnesota.    While drive-thru material return has long been available, the ability to drive through for material pickup certainly has merit.  Consider ice, snow, mobility concerns, having children in the car, or a lack of parking, they all make drive-thru pickup seem like a great idea.  Adding a streaming video option for our children’s programming has proved very popular and truly convenient.  Consider that not all people can attend children’s programming during the times it is offered.  Rather than miss out entirely, children can join remotely. Online content and virtual programming have expanded our audience greatly.   We have seen attendance for adult and children’s book groups grow, not only in quantity but in geographic reach.  How wonderful to join a book discussion with people from other states and even other countries.

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"Embracing or touching someone in your family that you haven't been able to hug, who you don't know when you're going to be able to hug and especially in pandemic time, the situation becomes more difficult and more critical," said Yolanda Varona, who's been deported since 2010. She feels sorry for those people who cannot see their loved ones through that fence as she was allowed to hug her granddaughter. Download our NBC 7 mobile app for iOS or Android to get alerts for local breaking news and weather. "What represented the park to me was hope, it was as if I had been injected with tremendous energy," Yolanda Varona recalled. This park since its opening in August 1971, has witnessed hugs, tears, demonstrations, weddings and even poetry on its behalf. But today, it looks empty unlike the state park in San Ysidro, where you can see families transiting and enjoying the view on the beach. "What is very clear is that this place is not a priority for them right now and it is always the struggle because we feel that it must be a priority and that it must be part of security," said Daniel Watman, founder of The Friends of Friendship Park. Crews Bulldoze Friendship Park Garden at US-Mexico Border And they claim to this day to receive calls from families who come from afar in the United States to see their relatives from the wall and encounter a closed park. "A tragedy because they come here, we have pictures of people coming here and there they are greeting their relatives and they have to talk on the phone, which they may have done from home," Watman added. Man Arrested on Suspicion of Stealing Cultural Artifacts from Harrah's Resort Southern California Although this Friday, volunteers are trying to bring Tijuana’s part of the binational park to life, on the U.S. side it looks neglected. "It's something for the community and on the other side it's all dead, the plants are dead and they're not taking advantage of it as it should be," said Jorge Aguilar, a volunteer and citizen in El Monte, California, he and a group of people go at least three times a week to maintain the park on the Tijuana side. The U.S. Border Patrol sent Telemundo 20 the following statement: "We continually monitor the increase in immigration and the number of agents we have available. Unfortunately, at the moment we won't be able to open friendship park until we have enough staff available to ensure that when we open it the whole audience is safe." The park is closed until further notice on the U.S. side. Before the pandemic, it operated on Saturday and Sunday, from 10 a.m.
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