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Harrisburg School released from special state audits We couldn’t say that two years ago,” said Chris Celmer, who served as Acting Superintendent in Harrisburg through the end of June. “There was a lot of noise around operations, procedures, business, finance, et cetera. All very important ongoing to the operations of Harrisburg School District. But never should they be at the forefront of the news around the school district. And that’s what was happening here,” Celmer said. Tuesday’s news does not, however, mean the end of state-controlled receivership that has effectively put the leadership of the district in the hands of a cadre of officials from the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit through at least the 2021-22 academic year. Janet Samuels, the court-appointed receiver, said Tuesday that as the upcoming school year progresses, her team and the state officials she reports to will continue to evaluate performance in all areas and determine whether the the district can return to full local control, or should continue with strong state oversight for a longer period. “The work is still underway,” Samuels said. Even so, officials said Tuesday that the turnaround of the district’s broken budget and business operations creates a sound foundation for the rest of the school improvement plan to be built on. State Education Department auditors completed their own a special audit of Harrisburg schools in 2019, in which they found more than $5 million in potentially questionable costs over the prior three years, including overpayments to employees, contracted vendors and the superintendent, among other problems. Among the issues found were the erroneous continuation of free continuous free health benefits to 132 terminated employees, representing a loss of more than $800,000, and the potential payment of more than $900,000 to substitute staffing services for work that wasn’t performed. As a sign of the district’s transformed operating systems, Celmer on Tuesday pointed to swing in 2019-20 from a projected $3 million budget deficit to an actual year-end surplus of $2 million. “That you could look here five million dollar swing had to do with tightening processes and procedures; having an experienced business manager build the budget the way it should be built,” Celmer said. “And once you’re in a position where you can have the confidence in those numbers, then you can start operating in a mode where you’re looking out, where you are looking to towards the future and not necessarily always in the rearview mirror. When we talk about academics and how to move the district forward, Mr. (Eric) Turman coming in as new superintendent... he has confidence now in the numbers that he’s being presented for decision-making. “I think that’s really the switch that has been made,” Celmer said. Turman, hired earlier this year, took office July 1.


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RiteDose Efficiency Innovation Yields Up to 25% Increase in CDMO Production Capability Columbia, SC, Aug. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The RiteDose Corporation, the company born from the inventors of Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) technology, has implemented engineering innovations that will now allow the country’s leading BFS Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) to increase its production capacity by up to 25% over industry standards. The innovations applied to RiteDose’s production lines in Columbia, South Carolina will allow the company to meet ever-increasing surge demands and bring faster time-to-market efficiencies for pharmaceutical companies developing new product lines. “Innovation is at the heart of The RiteDose Corporation,” says RiteDose CEO Jody Chastain. “Our engineers have made significant changes in our production methodology and processes that will allow us to increase production capacity by up to 200 million units per year – substantially beyond standard industry outputs. This latest innovation pushes our BFS capacity to more than 2 billion units annually.” The innovations are part of a $20 million capital avoidance strategy that the company has implemented to create the ultimate flexibility in its production capacity and capability, making it the most efficient BFS CDMO manufacturer in the United States. The RiteDose Corporation has been a leading CDMO in the BFS arena since the late 1990s when the company, then known as Holopack International, first received FDA approval for manufacturing & distributing drug products. “RiteDose has been an invaluable partner in developing robust manufacturing processes and successfully scaling up manufacturing to support our pipeline of innovative drugs,” says Vijay Sabesan of pharmaceutical developer Theravance Biopharma. “In addition to the extensive expertise in BFS manufacturing, we greatly value their flexibility and collaborative approach.” In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, The RiteDose Corporation expanded its operations to include a new 503B Outsourcing Facility to supply sterile injectable products to healthcare facilities across the United States. With over 25 years of cGMP experience producing sterile drugs for inhalation and ophthalmology, utilizing this knowledge to help ease drug shortages, was the next logical step. What is Blow-Fill-Seal & How Is It the Gold Standard? Blow-Fill-Seal is the gold standard in aseptic fill finish technology that uses a low density polyethene (LDPE) that is processed in a five-stage operation: A medical-grade plastic resin is molten in an extruder and extruded through a nozzle and blown with sterile air to form a tube called parison. This parison is then blow molded into the container-shape within a multi-part mold Thereafter, the containers are filled with a formulation. Finally, the molds seals the container. All actions take place inside a Class 100 filling zone. The product is then discharged to a non-sterile area for further processing, to include leak detection, packaging, and distribution. See how the process works at : https://www.rommelag.com/en/engineering/bfs/ CONTACT: Dave Wilson The RiteDose Corporation Dave@McAlisterCommunications.com

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